Thursday, April 30, 2009

Silent Night...

Unquestionable, unthinkable and unbeatable
Is the love and affection you have for me
The naysayers have concocted all things
Imagined all oppositions and worked all spanners
But am still here undaunted and undeterred
My nerves are frayed, deserving of water
I’ve been beaten and shaken to my foundations
That I already lost count now
Queried at all times but got lil or no answers
Yet am still here by your saving strength
Even when I’d doors shuttered in my face
You never promised
I wasn’t gonna fall
But you did assure me
I was gonna stand
Seven times more than I fell
I have held onto that promise
Even when all dimmed out on me because
You’re the light on my path, seeing through
Every corner lest I dash my feet and fall
You’re the friend who never gives up
When all other things fall apart
You seer through the heart
Through the heart of every man
Judging through every intent and purposes
You’re the bat whose night is day
Watching from above like a hawk
Seeing crystal clear every thought
And listening to every heartbeat
And the rhythm that comes from thereof...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

In Shreds...

In shreds
You left my heart
To ache and to bleed
Without a remedy
Of your love

The disjointed pieces
Scattered around
Like bits of a jig saw
Can’t make a whole
When in total disarray

You left it in pains
You left it in ruins
And waited for it to die…

Friday, April 24, 2009

Phases of Tomorrow

Trapped and caged
In a wired world
I seek a face

The quick fixes
From yesterday
Turning into fizzles
With snapshots of events
Taking a toll on today

I’m wary of tomorrow
Haunted and in dire straits
I hold my breath
Hoping and praying
My decision breaks forth a new morning

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A letter to my wife...

I really don’t know how to come across to you than my words and a piece of my heart. I want to let you know that I cherish you no matter what we may have been through.i may have acted in some ways overly more than I should, not because I want to but how I feel about you.

I remember how you came into my life...what you stood for and how many times I tell you how you mean to me and how much I want to live the rest of my life with you. It’s not about anything; it’s just about how I feel about you. You have been there in a lot of ways for me-truly I don’t know if I’m the one with the problem or maybe it’s something I can’t see. Can’t really gather my thoughts now but I swear to God, I have always loved you, I still love u and will always love u.when I say my heart out, it’s not to hurt your feelings because you know I never want to see you hurt, .it’s because I want the best for us out of the imperfect being that we are.

Every relationship has its stumbles...I have always been open to learning, understanding and appreciating more things about you. This wrangling isn’t about if I love you, it’s about loving you too much which is who I am. It’s easy for me to guard my heart but you swept me away with your love, your everythin.i have always appreciated you and always loved you-I cry because I don’t want to lose you-I cry because I don’t want to be hurt-I cry because of what I see around me from my past but which I don’t hold you accountable for.

In life we fight battles, I have my own flaws which I’m dealing with, hoping to be a better person everyday.i say it all the time that I’m not perfect. This isn’t the time for you to look away...we have only been together 6months...I want more...I want a home...I want a family with you, be happy together and be fulfilled.I swear I’m not a kill-joy...I love you from the depths of my heart is why sometimes I act crazy.

For all its worth, for all the times we shared together, for the things we hold dear in our lives, for every dreams you and I ever shared, don’t ever look the other a good man, and I want a good life with you-past is past and the present is where we are at now. Think about how we started, the love we share and all and if there's still a space there in your heart for me...I regret some things I should have said better or done better...I will always love you and want you to be there for me because even if I delete you from my page or my phone, I can never ever delete you from my heart or the picture of my future which revolves around you.
i love you.

P.S: One of my old posts

Thursday, April 16, 2009


To thee Eledumare
God of creation
And founder of the Universe
I subdue

At the nick of time
Walkin across several roads
Crossin along several paths
Searchin and waitin
Like a hunter seekin its prey
You found me a woman

A virgin woman
Of honor and of elegance
Of beauty and of gait
To wipe off those tears
Formed from time past

They cursed
But I imagined
They hissed and hooted
Still in my hurt
I smiled
Still he watched and
He laughed…

In my impatience
I ran from pillar to post
Takin up all stench
Drinkin from putrefied hearts
Till I was dealt a blow
A very deep cut
With emblazoned scars

Each time
Indifferent, I stood again
But my legs could only carry far
Fall again I did
All the time
Hurtin my marrow
Until you came along

Then my swagger turned into walkin
And my fears turned into calm
Shocked, I resisted
Fought hard
Or how could this be
Was I in some kind of dream
I asked
Until that sunny day
When I unlocked my eyes
And there you stood
In a distance…smiling …beaming
Telling me to come
Into the warmth of your world…

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just caught the " MeMe' bug!!!

Ok..I’m doin this for the very first time havin been tagged by the affable african woman “Goodnaijagurl”

So, imma play by the rules : Here goes-

1.Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.
2.They have to be real….nothing made up! if the person before you had the same first initial,you must use different answers.
3.You cannot use any word twice and you cant use your name for the boy/girl question.
4.Don’t google your answers.
5.Make it as interesting and fun as you can.

1.What is your name: Trybes
2.A four letter word: Temptin looks
3.A boys name: Tom
4.A girls name: Taneshia
5.An occupation: Teacher
6.A color: Tan
7.Something you’ll wear: Tee Shirt
8.A food: Taco
9.Something found in the bathroom: Tissue rollls
10.A place: Tahiti
11.A reason for being late: Traffic
12.Something you’d shout: Trust me!
13.A movie title: Terminator
14.Something you’d drink: Tea
15.A musical group: Temptations
16.An animal:
17.A street name: Trybes Corner
18.A type of car: Toyota
19.The title of a song: Temperature by Sean paul

Ooya now! Time now to pass the baton to The Paradigm,Miss love,The Parakeet( I know you been tagged earlier but this is formal so..Just do and lastly the ubiquitous Miss Iyabo Opeke..Now let the heads rolllll.....

Monday, April 13, 2009


It was a beautiful Thursday morning.The birds chirping,and the sky seemed so blue and bright with an
adjoining stretch that seemed to connect the stars through and through.It seemed a perfect weather,a
perfect day.Everything around me felt so quiet besides the scanty noise coming on from the streets
that seemed to jolt me out of my reverie.Like constant flashes,it all began to come back to me and
when i look back now,i shake my head in utter disillusionment about what the African people are going
through.I think of the hardship of the common man every other day and the attendant frustrations he
has to go through to get food on the table for his family.I flash back with a pain in my heart when i think about the entire system.Hospitals that have become mere consulting rooms,roads that have
become death traps,schools that have become dilapidated due to lack of infrastructure and funding. My pain is much when i think of the every day African man, ekeing out a living on very little
resources available to him and still forced to live under a dollar per day with lots of extended
families dependent on him. My heart cries out everyday when i look through the dailies and i see the poor being denied
justice.I see dreams been truncated everyday because of the despair and disillusionment on the
faces of the people. My heart bleeds,when the average student goes through the four walls of a classroom without any hope
of getting to the next level and graduates without any form of employment coming his way. I weep when i see on the streets the youths of a continent who should be the generation of tomorrow
pining away gradually due to hopeless situations they've found themselves which oftentimes isn't most
of their faults.Yea i don't expect governments to solve all these problems unilaterally but we need to
see some human sympathy brought into governance where we can begin to see leaders match their words
with action and changes in priorities.We want to see a corrupt free continent and let leaders begin
to feel the pulse of the people.I believe everyone has a chance to live and feel that sense of
belonging only if we've committed leaders who are ready to walk the talk in all organs of
government. I look around me,surrounded with so much splendor .I think about several millions of Africans that
have had to keep their hopes and dreams at bay just to leave their homelands in search of golden
fleece. My heart bleeds when i think about my generation.Several youths on the path of destruction. Why must this happen? why must we continue to suffer in the midst of plenty.why must we continue to
be second citizens in other countries? why must we continue to live in a world thats full of hate
and misery? why must we continue to have shattered dreams? Its almost a hopeless situation for the common man.Sometimes,have almost been tempted to think that
our natural resources have been a curse on our people or why should we kill,maim and destroy
willfully over what God in his wisdom has deposited upon our continent for our common good.The list
is endless of countries engaging themselves at war.Brothers killing brothers.I mean,whats the point
if we work and labor and all we get in return is sorrows tears and blood.The land soaks with blood
of innocent citizens crying out everyday for justice. When shall justice begin to play out in Africa.When shall respects and sanctity of human life
begin to be respected.when shall equality between the whites and the blacks of this world be a
reality? I share in the Martin Luther dream that one day we shall be able as a people hew out a stone
of hope out of this mountain of despair,marching forward,stronger than ever knowing that one day,our
kids will be afforded good education,good health care services,and the best of their dreams being
achieved. I look forward to a brighter tomorrow for the African continent in which you and i will be forever
proud of our color and who we truly are.With this faith,i know we'll surely get there someday.
I rest my case.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The truth

I close my eyes, and all i could think of is....
I wanna be there, I hear you calling but its trapped, trapped in a distance place.

You wanna express, all you have in.
wanting to have all you had before, but it needs a fight.
Fight against distance, time and goals,
Fight against culture, principles and ethics.
Fight against all i have written down in front of you.

With all this, you getting lost.
We find little time to share, but my laptop takes your place,
or better still i pass you over for exams and presentations.
And finally I realise i take you for granted,

All i have when people ask about you, is pulled out from the past
Telling stories of how we were , but not how we are
Cos thats all i have.
And then it all makes sense.
I miss you
I vow to spend more time gosh its a lie because life gets in the way
All i can say is
I'm sorry
I ignore you
Yet I don't want you to leave me
Please dont.
Just wait, please wait, I promise I'll come back
I just need to get this done
I can't deal with life if you go
Don't leave made me

P.S: This poem was actually writen by The Paradigm. Just read it on her blog,liked it and wanted to share.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Affairs of My Heart

Too many times
I was sold a lie
But I whimpered
And let it go

Too many times
I was stabbed
Got hurt and bled
But I let it go

Too many times
I was taken for granted
But looked the other way
Still within me, I cried

Now, I’m filled with contempt
At the vainness of humans
I feel so sore
My disgust at equilibrium
How untrue, how unreal
Human beings are…

If your crying
Let me know your crying
But do not put on a face
Making me think your happy

If your mad
Get mad as you can be
But never lie to me
When you come smiling at me

If you love me
Show it with all you got
But never pretend to love me
When you can’t stand my sight
Cuz when you do
You break my heart

The affairs of my heart
Very deep and infinite
But no one sees
All they see are scars
Masked to hide my pain…

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I have sparred...
Raved and ranted
Queried and pretended
To throw this hail of feelings aside
It haunts like a ghost
Holding a mortar in the dead of the night
Rumbling and violently too
From door to door
And room to room

Who’s coming to take this pain away
Bringing back that smile
Reminiscent of the times
When everything was kewl
In my life...