Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A time like this..

I have walked through this door before
When all the roads to it were paved with thorns
I have been shut out too many times
When all solutions I knew were pending
Had my head in my palms with no help from within
I was mocked. I was distraught
Shattered within me
As daily all my hopes turned into fear
But within me I never gave up
Within me, is a will to succeed
Even though my cross is overbearing

Job was a man who should have given it all up
He was tested beyond limits
But he never fell short of praising God
I have walked through this door before
And my only saving grace was you
I shed a tear. Knelt down and prayed
And u saved me

Lord here I am again in my dire moments
Times only U know how to save me
Times when the best of men
Can’t offer anything but jeers
Times when it takes only strength not to break
As I look up to heaven this day
Lord, do not let me go empty handed
My resolve is breaking and my will is tested daily
How long more till u come through for me
What in me is it that it’s taking you too long to act
Don’t wanna act ungrateful
For I know your ways aren’t my ways
But just like the unbeliever,
Am impatient to get out of this hole
Which only u can reusrrect me from

Heaven, accede to my cry
And one more time,
Let this cup pass over me!