Saturday, November 21, 2009

May your road be rough..

For the nine
Who walked through this road
Gave strength in my adversity
Who saw through the tears and held me up
This is for you..
All that is needed is a cheer word
A thank you.. A keep your head up smile
A handshake and some kind words
Your words inspired hope and gave courage
Opened up new vistas I dared to conquer
And like a lion, I went for the kill
In all, I’m here with a basketful
Full of fruits of won battles
I thought the crown had eluded me
Was scared the gold would scald me
Ruin my eyes cuz of how hard it shone bright
How mistaken I was till I dared
Now, im a fusion of all that’s sweet
Because I have you and you
A shoulder to cry on..

Thanks peepz!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Let this cup pass over me ..

Ignore this rant if you may.Had a very bad day earlier on and this is my only source of lettin out.Not out to get some aww comments..if only that would help but sure it doesnt..Thanks

Heck, what is wrong with me
Why do I feel this way?
My bones are totally drained
My emotions totally cut off
Hell! What is going on?
Where are you Lord?
I’m losing it gradually
And my patience running out
Day by day
Where are you Lord
When I’m singing and praying
With lil or no results
Where are you
When I do all I have to do
Tithe, trust and have faith
In the midst of these trials
Where are you?
These are trying times
Hard to figure where to turn
Same old disillusioned faces
Same old people everyday
Same events, same stage
Holding no promises of light
Within their make
This storm is raging too hard
And beyond control too
Are you gonna wait till im overwhelmed?
Till my bones begin to break? - Within me?
Can’t take this heat no more
I just wanna let loose
Cry, cry and cry this frustration out
Till my eyes suck out of their gorges
Perhaps, you will hear me cry
Perhaps, you will take pity on me
Perhaps, you will stretch your arms
To lift me up from this dump feeling.

Monday, November 9, 2009


I want to scream and shout

In pain and in anger

But I’m here

Broken and speechless

Flooded with tots of emptiness

Pervading the recesses of my heart

I try to weep and to sleep

But my dreams haunt me

With flashes of the past in them

I’m trying not to cry

For I must sheath my heart

Under my broken veil

Lest I choke at the sound of your name

Your voice which brought so much joy

Now wears a dagger anew

Piercing the heart you once gave love…

Saturday, November 7, 2009


As a rejoinder to my last post Swallow your pride, I got this comment (a very lovely poem) from my big brother, CareyCarey..To be real, I fell in love with it INSTANTLY but wanted to share to have your take on it…And you can also show him some love here.. me, he’s good!


I said I cried last night, didn’t say I died last night.
Came through the storm, was all right last night.
I cried tears of joy.
I wanted to be with them, not in them.
A longing for their presence
Had a hole, a role
Could have filled it with another star
But the part was made for them.
Others could have pulled it off
Everybody would have been paid
But that part was made for them.
Who said it? I didn't.
I said they left, too many nights filled with images of them.
Too many vows broken, the pain--had nothing left in my heart
Nothing but disdain for them.
What did you read?
The paper said divorced, not used,
not someone’s unwanted item to be taken for granted and taken to the resale shop
It said divorced, not nearly new... should say new.
Does it say I am not whole?
Is there an asterisk saying I am missing parts?
Where did it say I was void of love, compassion, hope ...dreams?
Does divorce strip a man of his manhood?
Does divorce imply that a women is love-less?
Where does it say nuclear waste!?
I fell down, rolled around, I got up.
That road is behind me.
My road is in front of me.
Read it again, did it say I was a toy to be played with?
Did it say spin this, use this, anyone can do THIS? it one more time.
I doubt it...
I doubt it said without principles, absent of love.
Is softness and strong bold convictions the sole possessions of newlyweds.
If you think so, you got me twisted, convuluted
You got me messed up


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Swallow your pride!

This poem is dedicated to those goin through divorce..and inspired by a friend from far away Jakarta,Indonesia..Hope you like it..

Marriage will not always be
What you want it to be
There will be very testy times
And many challenges to surmount
But if we build from an honest heart
With a hand of affection
We will always triumph

The beautiful face you see today
Will not always be
Someday, it will turn wrinkled
That body will not always be healthy
Someday it will turn weak and dry
That slim shape you treasure so much
Will someday get overblown
Your handsome man will perhaps turn ugly
And your pretty sweet lady
Will not always look fresh, like from the start

Always accept changes
Remember where you both started from
Life aint easy, accept it
Always come back to your roots
With some introspection
On how you started out
Fight for your first true love
Always remember your purpose
And let the light of love
Shine through your marriage

Swallow your pride

Marriage will not always be

what you want it to be

there will be very testy times

and many challenges to surmount

but if we build from an honest heart

with a hand of affection

we will always triumph

The beautiful face you see today

will not always be

someday,it will turn wrinkled

That body will not always be healthy

someday it will turn weak and dry

That slim shape you treasure so much

will someday get overblowm

your handsome man will perhaps turn ugly

and your pretty sweet lady

will not always look fresh,like from the start

Always accept changes

remember where you both started from

life aint easy,accept it

always come back to your roots

with some introspection

on how you started out

fight for your first true love

always remember your purpose

and let the light of love

shine through your marriage

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Challenges we face!

Waking up every morning
Thinking everything would be okay
We sing, We clap, We pray
Still, battles are undaunted

We win some, We lose some
In those battles, we are broken
Fragmented in many pieces
And life looks so miserable

Turning on the world for help
Seeking for unknown answers
You realize that those you trust
All have their backs on you

When they needed shelter
You harbored them
When they were hungry
You fed them from your pot

When they were cold without cover
You gave them your last pair
When they cried and were in pain
You gave them hope and love

Now in the middle of nowhere
You realize that down the road
God is the only one to call on
In life's prevailing battles