Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What manner of Life?

What manner of life

With no substance

With no worth

With no dignity

With no pride

With no virtue

What manner of life

That preys on people

That preys on evil

They preys on envy

That preys on killing

What manner of life

Is it without God

Is it without love

Is it without joy

Is it without principles

Monday, September 28, 2009

I choose to love!

My soul aches
For what it wants
And hopes to have
It aches
For love
For affection
For warmth
For attention
Of such that I see in movies
Of such that I read in novels
I dont want it
From you
without no heart
Who is prone to destroying
And unmaking that house
Once built on a rock
You stole
You maimed
You sliced
Till I bled
Left me with scars
And stitches
As a painful mark

A virtuous woman
You weren’t
Gone berserk
Promises of a future
All ended with you
Scorn and fury
Were your accomplice
Stucked to you
Like a second skin

Do you call this patience in wait
When the heart tarries
Walks alone in the desert
Yet bestowed upon
With a heart with no love
With a heart with no song
With a heart with no rhythm
All dead vibes plugged to a being
That makes my heart grow weary
Just thinkin about you!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Just before it dawned on me
Even before I realized it
The metamorphosis had been completed

I had been transformed from the lil innocent me
Through various phases and then to the exuberant teenager
And suddenly to a complete adult
Just suddenly, even before I realized

I am transformed to the many big uncles
Of yester years
How I crave for the years of old
When I didn’t have to worry about so much!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Two of a kind (P&E)...

I’ve watched
The storm in your cup
Shot out of a confused state
Plagued by the gravity
Of your own burden
Deluded and enthralled
On which way to go
Pride, your only comfort
Ego, your second company
Sets you on a long trip
Alone, in a grotesque world
Those raving stark eyeballs
Only waiting to deride your fall
It’s time to think
Clean up these cobwebs
Hanging out from a stretch
And let out those arms
Constricted and calibrated
Cause ALONE cannot walk
With a promise of a dim future
Eyes infused penitently
In a blanking darkness
Reveling long into the night..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Incongruous Kanye!

This for me is absolutely condescendin and ridiculous for a rock star grabbin on so much flesh in public glare? wtf is wrong with this guy??

Yawl have your take..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What’s hereafter?

I know this might come out strongly as being preaching but in all modesty, I am who I am today and owe my life and my everything to God without whom im nothing or would be nothing..
There have been several circumstances playing themselves out in my head over the past couple of weeks. I have been having dreams far beyond my thoughts and in all of these dreams; the aligning question has always being, after death, what’s the hereafter?

This morning, I woke up from a fearful dream. In my dream, I saw this couple who had always been my neighbors back home in Nigeria. They were the toast of every young kid, every adult and every woman who really wanted a home with a man. They loved each other, held hands openly on the streets and their love was undeniable even to the blind. Then suddenly, tragedy like a whirlwind struck and all this man had in life began to shatter.

First, the mother got terribly hit by a car. She was hospitalized but was recuperating really slow until she lost the will to live and gave up the ghost. He was devastated. He was broken. He had no words to describe his grief as things fell apart in his life.. and as if that wasn’t enough, his wife took ill suddenly after the demise of the mother in-law and what would have passed for a mere fever took her life. I was on my way home from an outing, oblivious of what was going on. Getting to my street, I saw crowds gathered in twos, in threes, whispering in low tones, some were weeping profusely, while some couldn’t hold it and were drooling on the floor. Some had multiple meaningless expressions on their faces that made it hard to decipher what was going on. Then, I saw my lil brotha on the corner and beckoned to him to inquire what was going on, then he broke what would be one of the shocking news I would think woke me up from my slumber, ‘that the woman died’. I didn’t know what to think neither did I have words to offer. Words failed me immensely at that moment. This was far more than a rude shock.

Then it began to dawn on me as I woke up and started thinking. In one fell swoop, the celebrated couple lost his mom and then the wife. He lost everything in life. He lost his covering. He lost his love. He lost a part of his life and ultimately became a wounded man with a deep hole within his soul. Perhaps, he lost his head too because this was way more than what any sane man can handle at a time. He was shattered in pieces and calamity took a spot in his home all too suddenly. What would I do I asked myself, if after all I had ever labored for in life goes with the wind?
What would I do supposing all my family was in a bus on a journey and something untoward happens and I lose them all? What’s would I do supposing my only garb was shredded in the open, I mean what’s the next thing after death if after all the labor of love and hard work, one can’t still stop the will of God in one’s life..What’s next folks..I need answers…

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Achin' for some TLC

They all said I was gonna get over you
That all I needed was time to heal my wounds
It’s been months now since I set my eyes on you
And talked to you but still im here craving for you
Dunno what to do, just seem like time keeps running by
The angel they all talked about is yet to come
The woman they all promised would take my sorrow away
Is still nowhere near here
And still I suffer this loneliness alone
No one to share my all
My love-- My worries
How I wish you were still mine
Here thinkin of what coulda been
But it’s all good
Cuz like they say, “what don’t kill you make you strong”
Someday if your mine
You will always still walk into these arms..