Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My solemn DIRGE on my 100th ANNIV..

One day a child was born
Born into the agony
Troubles and heckles of this world
He wanted to grow like other kids
Wear the same shoes and clothes
Like kids from other regions
Longed so much for the best schools
The best home
The best country
But couldn’t choose out of all
Where to be born
He wanted peace
But got war in return
My heart is torn apart
For the many kids
Slayed daily
For a cause they know nothing about
My heart weeps
Watching in their hundreds
Bodies of innocent kids
Pieced apart from shrapnel
Wounded and maimed for life
Pray, when is this going to stop?

That woman crying
Weary and in total grief
Could be your mom
Your sister
Your cousin
All in the name of an unjust war
She is abused and raped
Striped of her dignity and honor
Humiliated and scarred for life
Left to mourn what’s left of her
She watches helplessly
While her son is stolen
Recruited by the militants
Equipped with bombs and guns
To snuff out innocent lives
She watches as her daughter
Goes to the market
Never to come home to her welcome
For a cause she knows nothing about

The man is the victim here
He shoulders the entire burden
Of a family in agony and hunger
With almost no source of livelihood
They tell him all sorts
About what the Quran doesn’t preach
To kill, maim and destroy
An altruistic perfidy I dare say
They strap him with bomb vests
Train him in commando styles
How to be heartless
Mean and monstrous
Suicide and car bomber
In a war he knows nothing about

The world is torn up against itself
Properties in their billions
Leveled to rubbles daily
Families adrift
So much blood and sorrow in the land
Still, no one knows
If an end is in sight
Is this war truly justifiable?
Son, brothers, uncles, daughters
Fathers, mothers, cousins, aunts
All gone to honor this country
Paying their lives as the ultimate sacrifice
But do they really believe in this cause?

Friday, October 23, 2009

How you make me feel..

You’re like a star
With some soft light in the dark
Smiling sun with so much warmth
On a silent autumn night
Was hurting so bad
But like an angel you fell from the sky
Mended my heart and treated me kind
Brought smiles long lost
With kisses that makes me shiver
And linger on to you
You got me addicted
Like I would cigarette
Ripped my heart apart
Fed it with so much love
O, how it feels so good
A gaze into your eyes
Reveals where my heart is
Hooked on this nicotine
Daily keeping me sane
Through my bad days
You’re my moon
My star
My white stripe
In my dark gray cloud
No one can compare to u!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I love to talk, express myself with my deep words and learn to speak through my actions. I see Good things in all people, black and white, brown, whatever... I love to talk about the wonders and beauty of love, pain, and struggles of my life and others. I appreciate and embrace the differences that make us unique.

I sit with the LONELY; I break bread with the hungry. Although I am faced with the darkest sides of humanity everyday, I believe in the inherent good of all people and have faith in divine justice.

I believe in and practice unconditional forgiveness with no exceptions. Instead of nagging about the ills of the world, I have dedicated my life to doing something about it. I’m working constantly to destroy the wrongs I see in my way and to promote equality, and to create a better place for us all to live. I believe in the adage, No one is free if others are oppressed.

I live the way I want I don’t let others tell me how to live my life. I may take the wrong choices, walk the wrong paths and mess up but I never regret anything I ever do..Sometimes I hate the way things are but am grateful for life to experience it all, the good, the bad and the ugly.

The true meaning of life comes in the many experiences garnered from different circumstances and life as it is, is an imperfect ball. It will never always be the way you want it to be..There will always be bumps and curves on the road but ultimately I will live today making a difference in people’s lives and love it as if it’s my last because it could be my last.

What difference are you making wherever you find yourself? what impact can people feel when you're around and what are you doing everyday to bring a smile on people's faces?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I need a word from YOU.

I need a word from you master Jesus
My soul is chiping out waiting for you
Your word gave hope to the hopeless
Life to the lifeless,
healed the blind & the sick
and made a way for the isrealites
in their enemies camp
I need a word from you to set me free
Your word to start a whole new begining
of the things that are and of the things to come
My eyes are looking, my soul waitin patiently
but for how long till i hear from you Lord
Im already broken in pieces.
Ready to hear from you
Open my eyes and my ears that i may hear
Samuel heard from you cuz you opened his ears
and prepared a place in his heart to receieve you
Your word healed blind Bartimeus of his sight,
and the woman with the issue of blood,you healed
Heal me with your word,and let my heart glorify you
Speak a word to my life today this minute,Lord
that the world may know your my GOD
who opens a door and no man shuts it...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

For his mercies endureth forever..

What can I render to you Lord for all you have done for me? What can I give for your faithfulness? Inspite of my sins, you have never forsaken me. Inspite of my shortcomings, you have always been there for me every step of the way. I will praise you. I will worship you with my whole heart and my everything because no one and I mean no one can ever be as kind and compassionate as you have been to me. Really I don’t know what to give to this God who is/has always been gracious towards me..

When trouble surrounded me like a wall
And hell had its fury over me
When all my signs went wrong
And tribulations came calling
In ones, in twos
And no help came out of my valley
All I saw was you
Too many nights, I would cry and cry
Too many nights I wondered for a way out
Too many nights I lost the zeal to live
Wake up in the middle of the night
Pray and pray I did but no help came
Lost count of my many sleepless nights
To see a light out of my dark alley
But in it all
You were the hope I saw
Each time I turned my page
You were there
Through the thick and thin of my trials,
You understood
Leaving me unhurt, unscathed each time
Even when it felt like the end was nigh
I fell too many times
And didn’t know how to rise up
But you held me
Helped me regain strength
Through my weak and fragile nature
I made mistakes I shouldn’t have
Went the wrong path
And was saddled with too many baggages
That I didn’t know how to start again
But you were there
People I trusted stabbed me
Each time I opened up my heart
It hurt and it bled red soaking blood
But you healed me
Time was when I needed help
But all had their back on me
But one
I would have been a mockery
But in my tribulations
You gave me a reason to dance
With the one you let stay..

I really don’t know how you praise this God. Can someone please tell me..This God that is so sweet, so wonderful, so full of swagga that he wouldn’t ask for anything from me nor from you other than praise..If I got a witness in the house, please come here and lets worship Baba God, the adagba maparo oye 1 of heaven..He alone is worthy of all praises…

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Given my all ..

When it was difficult to love,

I chose to love you

and stay by you

When they said i wasn’t real

I went the whole hog

to prove my mettle

I gave ..

My body

My soul

held you with my strength

and was your emotional pillar

now I’m lifeless

sucked dry

with nothing more to give

but guess what..

I gave me, you, because..

I cared for you

I loved you

I cherished you

Now with patches of gloom

in the dark grey sky

I throw my hands up in the air

in total surrender to love again!