Thursday, June 25, 2009

Erin wo!!!

A mighty collosus who bestrode the planet is gone.The mighty Iroko tree has been cut short in its prime.Little did anyone know that you would be gone now........

You fought hard in the face of tribulations

You waged a battle against death every day

You could have cheated on death again,

But you faulted and it had its last laugh

Now, your there six feet below earth

Your clock suddenly stopped ticking

Leaving behind heavy mourners

who knew you, your good works

who thought life would always go on with you

But how sad, death decided to take you away

Michael, although your gone to rest

The world will always cherish you

All the beautiful times in time past

All now encapsulated in pictures

Till that day when all the angels

In a choral, adorned in white

Admits you into their fold.

Your thoughts live on

in the lives of all who knew you.

Your life was worthy

And we're happy,though short but meaningful

I pray for the repose of your soul

And that you find peace and a place to rest

In the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ

Adieu Igi Araba nla....sun re oo