Monday, October 25, 2010

The pain of rejection

These days its really hard to trust anyone, for u to commit ur heart to someone or something without coming down with one hurt or the other. Being nice isn't buyin the way to peoples heart anymo..just lies, lies and more lies wins the day. Oh she forever went on, on her many donts, her many rebuttals.., should have known that the heart of man is so deep, deep enough for the ordinary eyes to fanthom.

I am secretely hurt! why u ask?! I hate deceitful people. People who can't stand by their words. Permit my ranting. I see u and my heart bleeds, even tho I nursed a secret crush on u but I gave up the minute u slept with him. It felt like a dagger struck tru my heart as he related everything he did with u.
U were that woman I took time out to listen to. It hurts to know u wanted him more. It hurts to know that after all said and done, u gave urself to him willingly. No questions asked. I guess such is life but want u to know my heart is deeply wounded becos u ate your words and decided to choose him over me!


  1. Love will find you soon, right where you are, Trybes! so.. hang on :) *hugs*

  2. You said it - such is life. And my personal favorite - love hurts. But what are we gonna do but keep hoping that our 'the one's will show up