Monday, July 26, 2010

Memoirs from the past!

It’s so hard when you love and lose someone you so desperately wanted to share a life with..Woke up with thoughts of you this morning...and this has been a recurrent thing for the past days, weeks and months..Don’t know what this portends as I try to search myself day in day out if I truly really do loved you while we were together.

I loved you like I never loved any. I protected you the best I could that it almost became an obsession for me. I just wanted us to be happy. I just wanted to give everything within me to you, to show you how much you were worth it all but guess I couldn’t cut it..Guess you were made to belong to another man till the gourd got broken and the chips never made a whole again.

From the depths of my heart, I still love you. No one would believe this cuz they would evidently think am nuts or going berserk but truth is I still love you and even though it’s been months we spoke or seen, you still live in my heart every day.
I’m most certain that someday, if we're meant to be together, you will get to read this and both of us will shed a tear together and if we still aren’t meant for each other, want you to always know that I truly cherished you. I admit I shoulda done things so differently but love is like life where we learn every day.

I have never claimed to know it all, all I have ever wanted was peace and love from my woman and that was all I strove for while we were together..

I still love you and I always will


  1. Whatsup my brotha, I see you're still hanging in there.

    Love don't take any prisoners... does it?

    But they say it gets better with time. Personally, I don't believe those memories ever completely leave. I think (over time)they just don't come as often.

    When other (good experiences, and lovers) replace those old thoughts, they have less control over our mind.

    It's good seeing you around.

  2. Finally landed on here... your old url doesn't work anymore! :(

  3. @ Carey..hi bruv, thanks for checkin in ..yea, i truly have been hangin in switchin between school and two jobs, aint easy but still do what i gotta go :)..Hope i can sustain it..Thanks once again..
    @ Bagucci- I know and im truly sorry..lost a lot of my friends becos of the name change but like life, change is a constant thing. Thanks for droppin by..hope to see you again