Monday, July 26, 2010

My Torn Heart

Really I don’t know what’s come over me. I can’t tell what’s happening to me anymore. It just doesn’t seem to me like I know myself anymore. What is this happening to me..Why should I in heavens name be missing her? Why should I ever be here sitting, thinking and moaning over someone who I sold my heart out to but who paid me back with pain. Why in heavens should I be here sparing a thought for you...Why...what is going wrong with me Lord...or do I need to have my head examined cuz I can’t understand myself anymore or the reason for doing all this..Why oh why Lord..Lord please help me..

This cross is becoming too heavy, way more than I can handle..This is way killing me ..This is killing me to say the least..Why wouldn’t you just let this feeling go away..Why wouldn’t you just let me be and live my life on..She’s somewhere right now not giving a damn about what am thinking here and here I am moaning..Almost thinking about you every second of the day..Lord..What’s happening to me..Lord what’s happening to me...

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