Sunday, August 28, 2011

All he asks for is PRAISE..

This kain God o, I never see your type o, this kain God o, I go praise your name..
He is majestic. He is worthy. He is immortal.
The effervescent God who knows the beginning from the end
Who the oceans roar at the mention of his name
The tree swings to your beauty
Day after day springing forth
Your name is more than the world put together
Often, people have dared to know who you are
And to find out what you are made of
But hard as they try, u are still unfathomable
You are the God who rules the heaven
Knows by name the birds of the air
Knows by name the little baby yet to be formed in her mother's womb
You count by the numbers, the strands of my hair
And know every thought that springs forth from my heart
The owner of my heart who can see every dream, every hope
Who knows how, when, where and what life is going to be about
You are the immortal God, the invincible one
Who never counts or name the flaws of a man
Who forgives like you were never wronged
The God who knows yesterday, today and what is in the future, now
Who can tell at the snap of a finger, a man's story
You know it all. You do it all. You keep it 100%
Perfection is your other name. No mistakes. No buts. No never (s)!
You are God and none is like u, no not one, is ever like you, the lover of my soul.

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